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meet Angie

Angie Williams (Owner)

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Angie Williams, Owner

"This is more than

an occupation,

this is life for me."

My name is Angela "Angie" Harmon Williams.  People often ask me how long have I been doing hair...they always laugh at my answer.  Legally I have been doing hair for 17 years but I have always dabbled in hair for as long as I can remember.  My grandmother was a hairdresser.  She did hair in her home.  I remember visiting her and helping her by handing her perm rods & papers, or fetching shampoo and conditioner and just sitting in the room watching her cut & style.  It always fascinated me how she could transform her clients into beautiful fashionistas!  She often told me I would be a hairdresser but I had no interest, or so I thought!  Fast forward through my high school years and college years and trying out a few career options, nothing ever completed me.  Meanwhile, I would help friends out with color, cuts, styles and once or twice a home perm.  I never viewed it as a job. After a few years, I realized what my calling was and is...I love people, I love making people smile, I love making people feel good about themselves, I love transformations, I love being part of memories, I love taking people out of their comfort zone and making them realize they can do anything...I LOVE BEING A HAIRDRESSER!   Grandmama was right...I was born to be a hairdresser and I love following in her footsteps!
I do not have a specialty as I love it all!  Over the years I have worked with several different stylist and have learned so much from each and everyone!  I attend hair shows, watch webinars, experiment with new products...I thirst for knowledge of hair.  In 2020, during the shutdown I realized it's not just the art of hair I love but the connection I have with each and every client!  I love knowing about my hair family and their daily lives.  I missed our conversations and their smiles.  

In 2018, I stepped out of my comfort zone, well my wonderful husband of 15 years helped push me out of my comfort zone, and we opened up Palmetto Roots Salon.  This was not only my dream but my clients dream.  I took every idea that they had suggested over the years and opened up our dream salon!  Being a salon owner, wife and mother is challenging but I love every aspect of it!  I continue to learn and challenge myself.  I give thanks everyday for the road God has chosen me to travel.  I give thanks for my Grandmother showing me this amazing career!

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